Ricki Martini

When I got my photography site set up, I sent the link to a good friend and band mate, Mr. Ricki Martini.  You see, he’s an expert of sorts, and a pioneer in all things web-related.  He’s also one of the few persons on this planet that can offer me legitimate criticism wherein I take zero offense.  ASIDE:  He did offend me once.  We just got back to Milwaukee from a gig in Chicago.  He and Otis (bass player) were drunk and insisted I couldn’t sing for shit.  They beat me up after my stupid g/f said that I “WAS” the band.  They shoulda beat her up.  Anyway, he must’ve surfed over to this blog site, because he offered the mild criticism that it lacked content…and boobs.  Never one to disappoint, I offer you this, Mr. Martini…


3 responses to “Ricki Martini

  1. Much better! Sorry, Otis and I were drunk and pissy. Not that you would know anything about that : )

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