Photojournalism #rhinelander #WI #fire


Vehicle in flames


Rhinelander Fire Dept arrives and knocks flames down quickly


It is quite likely they just saved the home as well

I’m usually a studio and nature guy – – but I’ve been making the foray into photojournalism of late.  This brief incident fell into my lap when a vehicle in the neighbor’s driveway caught fire.  Mad props to the crew of the Rhinelander, WI Fire Dept. for getting there quickly and saving the home.  Story as reported at by Mr. Lane Kimble:

More unedited photos can be viewed at in the “fire” gallery…password “fire”

Fire destroys car on Hemlock Street Thursday evening Submitted: 03/14/2013
RHINELANDER – Someone visiting a home on Hemlock Street in Rhinelander will need to buy a new car. Fire completely destroyed the vehicle parked at 409 Hemlock Street early this evening.
Video was sent to us by Zak Sarkauskus.
Fire fighters responded around 5:35 p.m. The entire vehicle, from the windshield back was on fire. Crews were able to put it out within 15 minutes.
The damage extended to the house too. The vinyl siding melted. Fire fighters went inside the home to make sure no one was hurt.
The car was not running at the time. The fire department says there’s no way of telling how it started because it’s burnt so badly.
(Photos courtesy of Jamii Sarkauskas at

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