Beer HERE!!!

Bottle caps, black & white

Bottle caps, black & white

When I was a kid, we’d go see Milwaukee Brewer games at the old County Stadium.  The vendor’s cry was awesome.  “Beer HERE!!”  My Dad used the term back at home, with the same inflection, and I use it to this day.  But instead of using it as a sales technique, its usually a request on my part, directed at my wife.  Beer HERE!!

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Pink moon 4/25/13 @moon @pinkmoon

Pink moon

Pink moon.  Rhinelander, WI, USA.  4/25/13

Last night’s pink moon was quite stunning.  It was much ‘pinker’ low in the sky, but was obscured by the foreground from my vantage point.  This shot required two exposures since the moon is considerably brighter than the paper mill.  I exposed once for the moon, once for foreground and sky, and combined the two.  The haze around the mill precluded view of Saturn, which was positioned next to the moon.

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This morning, 4/25/13.

This morning, 4/25/13.


Northern Wisconsin, USA.  Grrrr.  The fishing opener is the first Sat. in May.  We WILL be ice fishing, as reports say there’s still 2 ft. of ice on most lakes.  We got 2″ of snow last night, and as pissed off as people are, it is actually quite stunning.  I took a short walk with my camera, Boxer-dog in-tow, and snapped some detail shots.  Hopefully this is winter’s last hurrah.  We’ve all had enough.


Honey's Hand

Honey’s Hand

You know how Grammas treat you?  My whole childhood was dedicated to eating shredded wheat for breakfast, courtesy of my Mother…except when I went to Honey’s (my Gramma’s) house, and we’d make a gigantic stack of waffles and smother them with syrup.  Honey turns 92 today, and we had a Bday party for her yesterday.  She hates being photographed as much as my wife does…so I had to sneak quick shots.  This one is of her lovely hand while eating her birthday cake.  I love u Honey!  By Jamii T

Model(s) Needed

Currently in need of model(s) in Northern WI to shoot fetish/mildly macabre type of material.  Implied nudes definite, but should be comfortable being nearly nude to shoot.  Tattoos and piercings a plus, but not mandatory.  Looking primarily for contours and implication to capture viewers’ imagination, while leading them in a specific direction.  NOT looking for traditional glamor or “nudie” material.  Reply here or email to ChiaroscuroPhotography at yahoo

Guest post – The Luna Projects

This is a guest post by Erica of The Luna Projects.!/The.Luna.Projects?fref=ts
She submitted the following with this seaside photograph…

The first time I made it to the Gulf of Mexico was not too long ago in the town of Port Freeport, Texas. It was as I imagined it would be, so I captured several moments of my time there. I loved the way the waves came crashing in as the seagulls danced on the shoreline.

THANX for the submission Erica!

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Dead Pine #dead #nature #photography

Dead Pine - Riverside

Dead Pine – Riverside

This was a commissioned piece.  My brother and sis-in-law were telling me they wanted me to shoot a dead tree downriver from their place.  In between skimming up and down the river in their boat and upon wave-runners, we’d stop for me to shoot.  This shot was just prior to sunset, but early enough for contrast-y light.  They liked this shot the best and now have it, among a couple of others, hanging on a wall in their house; a wall in a room with a tree and foliage theme.  By Jamii T