Don Williams-in concert

Country Legend, Don Williams.  At Hodag Country Fest in Rhinelander, WI

Country Legend, Don Williams. At Hodag Country Fest in Rhinelander, WI


Rhinelander, WI is the host of the Hodag Country Festival, a weeklong concert and celebration of classic, established, and brand new country artists.  It is a major party, and the faithful return year after year.  Oftentimez, the faithful bring along n00bz, who are easy to spot by the paper plate medallion declaring their Hodag virginity, which hangs loosely from their neck, akin to Flava Flav’s clock.  I didnt take many photos over the weekend because i was in party and defensive mode, alternately.  I did, however, catch Don Williams briefly, and this is my favorite shot.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Cemetery in Northern WI.

Virgin - portfolio and sales

Virgin Mary – portfolio and sales – blog


The Calla Lily is my favorite flower…by far.  I shoot them a lot.  In this shoot I decided to juxtapose the calla with something that has nothing to do with it and offers massive contrast.  It is laying on a bed of coal. This whole blog is available at and  my official photo portfolio and sales site is at www.chiaroscurophoto.comCalla Calla Lily


Chiaroscuro – kee-ahr-uhskyoor’-oh The balance of light and shade used for dramatic effect

Chiaroscuro Photography is based in Northern Wisconsin and concentrates on creating artistic works in areas ranging from art nudes/figure work to observations of both the natural and man made world. The cohesive theme tends to be a flair for the dramatic.

Years ago, Jamii took a photography class. He did a series of black & white nudes with high contrast and deep shadows for his final project. He learned there’s a name for this style that so appealed to him and has concentrated on it ever since. While he shoots a wide variety of material, he still prefers high contrast, and lots of shadow.

Anyway…there’s the intro.  So let’s post a photograph.

Nude Chaps