Pier on WI River

Pier on WI River as ice begins to form

Pier on WI River as ice begins to form


11/15/13.  The ice is just beginning to form along the banks of the WI River, in zip 54501.  This is a wide part of the waterway, and relatively shallow.  The current is less than swift.


Storyboard – Hi School Besties

These young ladies have been friends all through high school.  They are now 18 and moving away together next month to seek their fortunes.  I decided to create a “story of photos” from our shoot.  I wanted the story to represent their lives past, present……and leave a cliffhanger about the future – or perhaps make a statement on ANY future….

Horses in Trailer @horseandhound @YourHorse




This photograph was made at Western Connection Ranch in Rhinelander, WI.  I love how the one horse is staring at the lens, with the other two doing their own thing, almost a mirror-image of each other.  This was shot in color but converted to B/W.  This photo just has to be black and white, in my opinion.  The very linear structure of the trailer makes the non-linear shapes of the horses really pop.


Honey's Hand

Honey’s Hand

You know how Grammas treat you?  My whole childhood was dedicated to eating shredded wheat for breakfast, courtesy of my Mother…except when I went to Honey’s (my Gramma’s) house, and we’d make a gigantic stack of waffles and smother them with syrup.  Honey turns 92 today, and we had a Bday party for her yesterday.  She hates being photographed as much as my wife does…so I had to sneak quick shots.  This one is of her lovely hand while eating her birthday cake.  I love u Honey!  By Jamii T

Shadow of the White House

This photo was taken just a couple blocks from the White House

This photo was taken just a couple blocks from the White House

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Cemetery in Northern WI.

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