Lily the Boxer II

This is Lily.  She is my Boxer, and a fave subject

This is Lily. She is my Boxer, and a fave subject

Lily is a goof, like a lot of dogs, and pretty much every Boxer I’ve ever met.  She sleeps on her back a lot, waits for the cat to enjoy her food and water before she partakes, and sleeps directly on top of houseguests.  She’s a favorite subject of mine because of her idiosynchratic, goofy nature, as well as her uncanny ability to actually perk up and recognize that the camera puts her at the center of attention.  She just celebrated her 2nd birthday by sharing cake and Slim Jims™ with me.  Her mom was not impressed, worried that the Slim Jims™ would wreak gastrointestinal havoc (they didn’t), and upset that “sharing” cake actually meant Lily standing against the countertop to lick frosting off a cake actually prepared for MY birthday, which was the following day.  I love Lily.


Maggie the “Piggy”

This is Maggie.  She's a handful.

This is Maggie. She’s a handful.


Maggie is a very photogenic pup.  She’s extremely high-energy and will run until her legs get noodly and she falls over.  She’s also the only one that can wear out my boxer.