Industrial Sunrise

An industrial sunrise

industrial sunrise


Staring the same subject in the ‘face’ every day induces discovering different wayz to portray it.  This scene is out my front window.



Industrial Scene. Dark Sepia.

Industrial Scene. Dark Sepia with red filter

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Pink moon 4/25/13 @moon @pinkmoon

Pink moon

Pink moon.  Rhinelander, WI, USA.  4/25/13

Last night’s pink moon was quite stunning.  It was much ‘pinker’ low in the sky, but was obscured by the foreground from my vantage point.  This shot required two exposures since the moon is considerably brighter than the paper mill.  I exposed once for the moon, once for foreground and sky, and combined the two.  The haze around the mill precluded view of Saturn, which was positioned next to the moon.

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