Mustang Boss Formal – Behind the Scenes

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I decided to shoot that car I posted about a few days ago.  There’s a couple final shots in this slideshow, as well as a couple of behind-the-scenes shots.  The two boyz in the one photo are my sons and the other is of the car’s owner.


Boss 302

I’ve always wanted to shoot cars in a formal setting.  You know, like a car magazine or advertisement type of thing.  I still plan on shooting with studio lights and all the appropriate prep work, but that’ll take some planning.  Instead I just shot this 2012 Mustang Boss 302 while on an engagement photo session.  The Boss is pretty kik ass to say the least.  SMOKES the comparable ‘Vette from what I’ve heard.  Maybe I’ll do a carz with girlz shoot and make a calendar.  My Mom and Dad are in an area ‘Vette club, so there’s plenty of fodder there.

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