Trees and Trax

Disappearing Trax

Disappearing Trax


There were actually very nice fall colors in this photograph, but I felt the composition was more important than them.  Also, the color distracted from the overall composition, so I went to a sepia tone to ‘correct’ that.

Train Trax

Misty morning at the trax.  Woodboro, WI, USA

Misty morning at the trax. Woodboro, WI, USA

A photo I see as a parallel to life itself, and my own in particular;  A fuzzy past, an unclear future, with a very narrow depth-of-field relative to true vision and understanding.  This should not be interpreted as a negative, for it is not.  It is extremely positive, and realistic.  There was a point when the future was ‘certain’. Then wisdom struck, experiences occurred, and things were not what they seemed, what they would become.  Things are great now.  Challenges never cease.  The future ain’t what it used to be.  That’s probably a good thing. 🙂