I’ve posted this subject in the past, and photograph it regularly.  This mill is directly out my front window, and the sun rises directly behind it.  Some mornings it is blase`, and others, worth a photo or two.  My preference is the dramatic days, like this one.  Rhinelander, WI


Industrial Sunrise

An industrial sunrise

industrial sunrise


Staring the same subject in the ‘face’ every day induces discovering different wayz to portray it.  This scene is out my front window.

Power Lines

Power Lines

Power Lines


Decent storm moved through last night, giving the 54501 and surrounding area the first “severe” weather warning of the year.  My own house was spared from anything beyond a really nice thunderstorm with no damage, so it was enjoyable, unlike many others across the USA.  When the hard rain stopped I stepped out for a bit.