Industrial Sunrise

An industrial sunrise

industrial sunrise


Staring the same subject in the ‘face’ every day induces discovering different wayz to portray it.  This scene is out my front window.

Arizona, USA. Rock formation near sunset

Arizona Rock Structure

This was shot 10/7/12 on the road between Four Corners and Flagstaff, AZ.  I thought this the best way to approach the shot considering the time we arrived, sun position, etc.  The sun was very bright, no clouds, no way to get another angle because property was completely fenced.  There was no way to actually capture rock coloration and texture given the variables, not in a wide shot anyway.  Not many options, but I really like the surrealness of it. This is exactly as-shot, with the minor exception of a lens flare I removed in Photoshop.

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Sunset, Northern Wisconsin

I was sitting at home one night and noticed the sun getting lower in the sky and casting a very warm glow.  I immediately took off for the nearest spot to effectively capture it, the nearby Boom Lake.  In this shot I used center metering and exposed for the sun’s reflection in the water.  I also cranked up the color temp in manual mode to exaggerate the warmness.

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Sunset, Northern WI