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Dead Pine - Riverside

Dead Pine – Riverside

This was a commissioned piece.  My brother and sis-in-law were telling me they wanted me to shoot a dead tree downriver from their place.  In between skimming up and down the river in their boat and upon wave-runners, we’d stop for me to shoot.  This shot was just prior to sunset, but early enough for contrast-y light.  They liked this shot the best and now have it, among a couple of others, hanging on a wall in their house; a wall in a room with a tree and foliage theme.  By Jamii T


I spent the entire month of May, 1992 in the Okavango Delta of the Kalahari in Botswana on a hunting safari.  I was second gun on a hunt that included Cape Buffalo,  Lion, Leopard, Kudu, Lechwe,  Sitatunga, Duiker,  Sable, Impala, among others.  I shot video on that trip, but was not a photographer as I am today.  It may be my life’s biggest regret, and someday I will go back, leaving my rifle behind and carrying my camera.  This photo represents my wistful desire to return to the Dark Continent and was taken at the Milwaukee County Zoo in Milwaukee, WI.  fortunately, it was a slow day and I had the animal all to myself.  Hence, his eyes locked on me the whole time and I captured an almost studio portrait effect.


Sunset, Northern Wisconsin

I was sitting at home one night and noticed the sun getting lower in the sky and casting a very warm glow.  I immediately took off for the nearest spot to effectively capture it, the nearby Boom Lake.  In this shot I used center metering and exposed for the sun’s reflection in the water.  I also cranked up the color temp in manual mode to exaggerate the warmness.

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Sunset, Northern WI

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