I don’t have a much to say about this one, except that I like it a lot.  That mask really came in handy.  I shot a couple different models with it.


Classic Nude

Classical Nude

Classic Nude

Simple, yet damn elegant.  I love this style.  It also has the added benefit of being rather easy to shoot.  Seamless, light-gray paper background, one flash above and slightly behind the model, allowed to spill to the background.  My personal favorite features are the overall chiaroscuro lighting, the arch of her back, and that little shadowy dimple on her right knee.
I envision this piece on the wall over a black leather davenport, about one foot of length extending beyond each end of the furniture.

Book her Danno #glamour #nude

Get Up Against the Wall!!

Up Against the Wall!!

This is a shot from my very first shoot with a model that wasn’t a friend or g/f.  Amazing how a pro model can make you lose your personal securities relative to experience, performance, direction and those kind of things.  She just kept striking poses on about three different sets.  After about an hour I was barking out direction as though I’d done it forever.  If you’re getting started, a pro model can really help for purposes of building confidence.  Other benefits to working with an experienced model include portfolio building and, more importantly, credibility building.  If you can establish a good rapport with a subject through professionalism, attitude, quality work you provide for their portfolio, and a degree of fun, they can be a great reference to provide future models/prospects/clients to vouch for you as to your being cool to work with.  The model/aspiring model community is tight, and has gotten tighter due to internet communities such as and  If a photographer/model/make-up artist/etc. is shitty to work with, word will spread, especially if you come off as a creeper perv.  If that’s your agenda…i dont even know what to tell you to do…but dont work with models and expect to retain any sort of good name in the community.  “GWC” (guy with camera) is model parlance for a creeper, a photog that made them uncomfortable.  You do not want to be a GWC.

Up until the shoot depicted above, I had done a bunch of photography, and even some nude work, but hadnt yet done nude work with a stranger.  I was completely up-front with her about this and simply asked her to bear with me.  As I said, she held my hand the first hour and then I was fine.  The shoot actually was one of the funnest I have ever done.

I guess the primary thrust of my ramblings is that working with models/clients is just like any other business or personal endeavor.  Appropriateness relative to the time and place is paramount.  It can, and should be fun, but always appropriate.  Sometime I’ll tell the story of myself and a handful of photogs shooting three nude models when the pizza guy showed up with lunch.  🙂

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Photojournalism #rhinelander #WI #fire


Vehicle in flames


Rhinelander Fire Dept arrives and knocks flames down quickly


It is quite likely they just saved the home as well

I’m usually a studio and nature guy – – but I’ve been making the foray into photojournalism of late.  This brief incident fell into my lap when a vehicle in the neighbor’s driveway caught fire.  Mad props to the crew of the Rhinelander, WI Fire Dept. for getting there quickly and saving the home.  Story as reported at by Mr. Lane Kimble:

More unedited photos can be viewed at in the “fire” gallery…password “fire”

Fire destroys car on Hemlock Street Thursday evening Submitted: 03/14/2013
RHINELANDER – Someone visiting a home on Hemlock Street in Rhinelander will need to buy a new car. Fire completely destroyed the vehicle parked at 409 Hemlock Street early this evening.
Video was sent to us by Zak Sarkauskus.
Fire fighters responded around 5:35 p.m. The entire vehicle, from the windshield back was on fire. Crews were able to put it out within 15 minutes.
The damage extended to the house too. The vinyl siding melted. Fire fighters went inside the home to make sure no one was hurt.
The car was not running at the time. The fire department says there’s no way of telling how it started because it’s burnt so badly.
(Photos courtesy of Jamii Sarkauskas at

Lily the Boxer II

This is Lily.  She is my Boxer, and a fave subject

This is Lily. She is my Boxer, and a fave subject

Lily is a goof, like a lot of dogs, and pretty much every Boxer I’ve ever met.  She sleeps on her back a lot, waits for the cat to enjoy her food and water before she partakes, and sleeps directly on top of houseguests.  She’s a favorite subject of mine because of her idiosynchratic, goofy nature, as well as her uncanny ability to actually perk up and recognize that the camera puts her at the center of attention.  She just celebrated her 2nd birthday by sharing cake and Slim Jims™ with me.  Her mom was not impressed, worried that the Slim Jims™ would wreak gastrointestinal havoc (they didn’t), and upset that “sharing” cake actually meant Lily standing against the countertop to lick frosting off a cake actually prepared for MY birthday, which was the following day.  I love Lily.

Maggie the “Piggy”

This is Maggie.  She's a handful.

This is Maggie. She’s a handful.


Maggie is a very photogenic pup.  She’s extremely high-energy and will run until her legs get noodly and she falls over.  She’s also the only one that can wear out my boxer.